I did it!

It is finally happening… I am blogging! I have been thinking about this day for about 7 years and now here we are. I am excited about sharing my many, many loves, passions, and hobbies. I love life, adventure, culture, food, wine, travel, birth, fitness, family, friends, my amazing toy poodle Zia, and my love Sam, aka, Trey.

My boyfriend and I enroute to Abu Dhabi.

My boyfriend and I enroute to Abu Dhabi.

I write as I leave Abu Dhabi in transit to Phuket, Thailand.  Travel has always been a top priority for me in my life. I grew up in Oakland, California and I reside in New York City.  I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world.  Some places I have been include Mexico, Italy, Paris, Spain, Bali, Singapore, Tahiti, Hawaii, Barbados, Jamaica, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Sudan, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, and I am still craving to see so much more.

I was blessed with parents who exposed me to a variety of things and one of them was travel. We took family vacations at least once or twice a year.  One memory that sticks out from my childhood is all of the international trips that my father won through his job. He is a computer software salesman and I remember he would win trips every year to amazing places around the world. What I really remember is that I didn’t get to go with my parents on all of these trips and I did not like it! When he won a trip to Bali I remember making extremely clear to him that I had to go! I won.

Bali was my first trip where the culture really stood out to me. I had been to Mexico and grown up in The Bay Area hearing different languages but besides language I hadn’t fully digested cultural differences. I had never been exposed to the Hindu culture. When they greet you they bow. It made me really uncomfortable so I asked my parents why everyone that worked at the hotel was bowing. They explained to me that is was a part of their culture and it eased my anxieties tremendously because my assumption was that they were bowing because we were guests and that I was not ok with me in the least bit.

I am grateful for learning the lesson about the differences between cultures at the age of 15. This has allowed me to journey through my life with an open and curious mind. I crave knowledge about the locals and their traditions, religions, and cultural practices every time I travel and meet people from abroad. My travel has had a major influence on the woman I have become and my acting work. I have such a large variety of experiences to pull from when I breathe life into different characters.

Travel, travel, travel. Never let your busy schedule or lack of finances stop you. Whether you are in a hostel or at The Ritz Carlton you will create memories that will be with you forever. Go see the world. Make it happen for yourself.

Blog #1 done!

With love, light and XX,