The influence of negative birth stories

As a fitness teacher, doula, and woman I have noticed the when people share negative birth stories they inject fear into their listeners. The rise of induction rates and cesareans definitely has a lot to do with hospital practices, however, the sharing of negative birth stories also influences women’s decision to welcome and in some cases choose inductions and cesareans.

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Inside Edition “Jurassic World” feature!

Such a treat to get Megan from “Inside Edition” into BFX Studio for this fun little feature. Click through to learn how to strengthen your ankles to run in heels just like Bryce Dallas Howard in “Jurassic World”. Then run on over the the Classes page to see when you can make it over to one our my barre fitness classes at the BFX Chelsea and FIDI locations!

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What is “Conscious Birthing”?

Choosing, breathing, and allowing. That’s how you give birth to anything: a delicious meal, a new business venture, or a new human being. Women have the ability to consciously choose to get pregnant. Therefore, they should have the choice to consciously birth. Women should have the choice of a midwife, a doula, and/or an OB/Gyn. Each has a specific toolbox that can support a woman during her labor and birth.

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Lessons from Abu Dhabi

How many different edible Palm Tree Fruits do you think there are?

Guess and then read.


So….I was in Abu Dhabi and I heard someone say, “Dates grow on palm trees.” I suddenly felt the urge to correct the man who made the statement but thank goodness I kept my mouth shut. This caused me to do some research because I just thought coconuts grew on Palms. Please excuse my ignorance; there are not many palm trees in New York City. I learned that there are about 12 different commonly consumed palm fruits.

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