What is “Conscious Birthing”?

Choosing, breathing, and allowing. That’s how you give birth to anything: a delicious meal, a new business venture, or a new human being. Women have the ability to consciously choose to get pregnant. Therefore, they should have the choice to consciously birth. Women should have the choice of a midwife, a doula, and/or an OB/Gyn. Each has a specific toolbox that can support a woman during her labor and birth.

Women deserve to choose ease & grace not just fear, medication and surgery. Women need to be given the tools and the knowledge about how to birth naturally. We are wonderfully and beautifully made and we have been giving birth successfully for thousands of years. Women are not machines and each birth is unique. Women should not feel pressured to be on a tight schedule, strapped to machines and lying immobile while laboring. Instead they should have the freedom to move about, take a bath, be naked, make noise, have a snack, and believe in the power of their body to bring forth their baby. It is important to realize that the neocortex, the thinking and reasoning part of the brain, can inhibit labor. It is the brain stem, the primitive brain, that instinctively allows the body to birth the baby.

Without the overuse of medication more women would be able to connect to their incoming soul, to feel the cervix ripen, and the baby swim down the birth canal and enter the world through the yoni. Women have the right to be in oxytocin producing environments for their birth. We should make it a top priority to make sure a laboring woman feels safe and empowered to deliver her baby. Women need to own their voices and speak up and feel confident that they will be heard if they need support.

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