Lessons from Abu Dhabi

How many different edible Palm Tree Fruits do you think there are?

Guess and then read.


So….I was in Abu Dhabi and I heard someone say, “Dates grow on palm trees.” I suddenly felt the urge to correct the man who made the statement but thank goodness I kept my mouth shut. This caused me to do some research because I just thought coconuts grew on Palms. Please excuse my ignorance; there are not many palm trees in New York City. I learned that there are about 12 different commonly consumed palm fruits.

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I did it!

It is finally happening… I am blogging! I have been thinking about this day for about 7 years and now here we are. I am excited about sharing my many, many loves, passions, and hobbies. I love life, adventure, culture, food, wine, travel, birth, fitness, family, friends, my amazing toy poodle Zia, and my love Sam, aka, Trey.

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