20 Questions with Rachel Nicks

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Q: What inspired you to get into the wellness industry?
A: A challenging chapter of my life lead me to do a hot yoga training in Dallas. It’s funny how the tough times can also be the most positive, beneficial changes in our lives!

Q: What is your most inspiring moment?
A: Being 100% trusted. Experiencing a pregnancy with one of my students I was able to watch them grow and then have them back in class with their baby. Having the privilege to know someone’s journey of new life – it’s all very special. It’s nice to feel needed. It makes me want to learn more.

Q: What would you like your legacy to inspire in others?
A: Passion, determination, adventure and generosity.

Q: Who are your teachers?
A: Parents, life experience, mistakes.


Q: What have you learned teaching yoga and fitness, working on retreat, and committing to a life of wellness?
A: Through my connection with my students I’ve grown tremendously, developing compassion and understanding. I have improved my perspective on life. Learning from my students makes me a better person and teacher.

Q: What is something you learned that you did not expect?
A: I have learned that prenatal and postpartum students are an overlooked population in the fitness world.

Q: What early lessons have served you the best?
A: Your pelvic floor, or “muladara chakra”, is your foundation. It’s very important to be connected to your foundation – it’s your truth and your balance. Without that you can’t really build anything.


Q: Where did your passion for affecting change start?
A: Acting. The desire to affect change for the greater good has taken me from a passion for acting to a passion for health and wellness. Acting is very much as the physical body and the human connection. To me, they are intrinsically linked.

Q: In what ways is your global community important to you?
A: In every way! Being from Oakland, California, I’ve always been conscious of my environment and my carbon footprint. I am aware of where my food is sourced, and it’s affects on the global community. I believe firmly in my impact – every choice I make I have a subconscious and conscious awareness of in my decision making. It’s in my blood, my nature. As an adult I’ve sought more knowledge and truly enjoy the opportunity to share it with my students and retreat guests!

Q: What causes do you actively support?
A: NY Junior League, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Build a Nest.


Q: What is your teaching style?
A: I lead by example, taking an active approach to teaching. It is my dream to serve this community in an effective and safe manner, and share the world of wellness travel with everyone. It’s always best to meet the student where he or she is.

Q: What’s the secret to your amazing body?
A: Loving myself – being open to it’s ebs and flows. That, to me, is the basis for a mind and body connection.

Q: Are there any workouts you’re dying to try?
A: Trampoline & S Factor.

Q: What do you wish more yoga student knew?
A: It’s all about core strength – the grand importance of it. We can reach that place through a spiritual realm as well. In life, we call that acceptance.

Q: Do you see a difference in your mood when you don’t workout?
A: Yes, definitely. But I do value resting the body, too.


Q: What do you never leave home without when traveling?
A: Hopefully not my passport! A journal and a camera. I lost my phone in Dubai and that was probably the most amazing thing ever because I was able to truly disconnect and enjoy my trip.

Q: What is your top travel tip?
A: Go with an open mind. And talk to the locals.

Q: Do you prefer mountains or beach?
A: Beach – I am a Pisces.

Q: How do you balance travel, teaching and family?
A: Magic! I don’t do it alone, I know that. I feel that.

Q: What motivated you to start teaching on retreats?
A: I can’t think of a more graceful way to blend to of my loves: travel and wellness.